Outdoors in Las Vegas

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Things to do Outdoors in Las Vegas

Posted On: 08/04/2017

Are you in Sin City for the summer and are unsure of what to do? Bell Trans has come up with a short guide to the best outdoor activities that will keep you occupied during your visit.

Take a trip to the Grand Canyon

Summer is hot in the valley, but it’s still an ideal time to hit one of the world’s most famous natural landmarks. Gather friends, family or business colleagues to take in this breathtaking marvel. But first, there are some things you should know. First of all, don’t make the mistake of stopping at every rest stop to take photos. Most will give you the same view – you’re far better off exploring off the beaten track and away from the crowds to find your perfect photo. Furthermore, why not turn your visit into a hike? Bring your gear, pack water and apply sunscreen, and try a short hike below the rim to get a whole new perspective. There are many hidden spots, such as the Havasu Falls, which are worth the trek. For photographs, while taking a few big pictures of the canyon are nice, try focusing on the smaller details. The desert has many beautiful plants and animals — focusing on these will set your photos apart from the rest. Finally, plan ahead your trip, or better yet, have someone plan it for you. Bell Trans offers a number of engaging and informative sightseeing tours around the canyon that are great for all ages.

Participate in a scavenger hunt

If you’re in town with a group, a scavenger hunt could be the perfect bonding activity for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or corporate bonding excursions. There are several companies that offer scavenger hunts for special occasions and events, such as The Hunt Las Vegas, which will personalize it for you. If it’s your first time in Las Vegas, having an experienced company plan the day’s activities for you is a good idea. But if you know Las Vegas like the back of your hand, try setting up the scavenger hunt yourself — you know your group of friends best!

Bar hopping

To beat the heat, staying indoors might be best — but that doesn’t mean staying in your hotel room. Grab some friends and hit the town for a good, old-fashioned bar crawl. Downtown Las Vegas has plenty of pubs to choose from, including Beauty Bar, Downtown Cocktail Room, The Griffin, and Atomic Liquors to name a few local favorites. Las Vegas is a big city, so, as always, drink responsibly and plan your transportation well in advance. You don’t want to leave these things until the last minute, so hiring a shuttle for the night will ensure you and your party get to and from the bars safely.