Neighborhood Restaurants in Las Vegas

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The Best Neighborhoods to Visit for Food in Las Vegas

Posted On: 04/24/2017

When you think of Las Vegas, you think of the Strip. The Strip is great, but there’s more places to see and more neighborhoods to eat in. Bell Trans has done the research for you, so your next trip to Vegas for fun or work won’t be wasted on bad food.

Did you know Las Vegas has a Chinatown? Close to the Strip, this neighborhood is full of both tourists and locals alike. Are you looking for Japanese food? The grill at Raku and the ramen at Monta are a must try. But Chinatown has more than just Chinese, Japanese and southeast Asian food. Leatherneck Club, a restaurant and bar dedicated to military veterans, has one of the best burgers in the city. Just looking for a drink? Check out the Golden Tiki, a Hawaiian themed bar.

Ever heard of Summerlin? This west-Vegas ‘hood is great for restaurants. Hearthstone, 8 Noodle Bar and Other Mama are all great establishments. Looking for Italian? Nothing beats the pizza and wine at Due Forni.

In Downtown Vegas, restaurants abound. Carson Kitchen is casual but delicious. Looking for tapas or small bites? Check out Itsy Bitsy. For steak, Vic & Anthony’s and Triple George Grill are equally good.

More delicious Asian food awaits you East of the Strip at Lotus of Siam and Komol. Komol is also great for vegetarians. For the opposite of vegetarian fare, check out Ellis Island Casino for some great barbecue.

Southwest has a few great mom-and-pop restaurants in this mini-Chinatown. Soho, Pier 215 and Japaneiro have great sushi. In a rush? VegeWay is a popular drive-thru vegan burger place.

There’s so much to do in Vegas, but add any of these restaurants to your itinerary, and you’ll go home feeling fed. As always, Bell Trans has your back for all your transportation needs to and from the airport, a restaurant or a tour.