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No More Free Parking in Las Vegas

Posted On: 02/15/2017

Hotels offer parking throughout Las Vegas, however, parking your vehicle always comes with a cost. Free parking has become a thing of the past on the Las Vegas Strip. Most Las Vegas hotels now institute paid parking.

What does this mean for Las Vegas travelers?

It means parking has become a lot more expensive in Las Vegas, and you have to plan your travel accordingly. There are two types of parking in Las Vegas: self-parking and valet parking. With self-parking, you park yourself and costs $5-$7 for vehicles parked 1 to 4 hours and $8-$10 for vehicles parked over 4 hours to 24 hours. With valet parking, the hotel parks the car for you, and costs a little more than self-parking. Valet parking fees are $13 for the first 4 hours and $18 for over 4 hours to 24 hours. There is an additional valet parking fee of $18 for each day or fraction of a day the vehicle is valet parked in Las Vegas.

Free parking on the Strip was once a Las Vegas staple, but has become harder and harder to find. The end of free parking started when MGM Resorts International announced they would start charging for parking, both valet and self-parking on all properties except Circus Circus. This was quickly followed up with Caesars Entrainment, who announced it would also phase out free parking on all properties except the Rio.

A shuttle service is a great way to avoid the cost of parking on the Las Vegas Strip.