Going Green

Showtime Tours is not the typical McCarran International Airport shuttle company. Most pump conventional fuel in to their vehicles. However, our company's fleet relies on domestically sourced compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel.

The company made a major capital investment to deploy 15 CNG vehicles and has plans to replace the entire fleet by 2017. The company uses GPS technology to provide fuel-efficient routes and improve vehicle utilization.

Showtime boasts a motor coach fleet that serves the conventions & eliminates 40 to 57 extra vehicles from driving through the condensed resort corridor each trip. That’s an overall drop of 800-1,140 vehicles per day!

  • Why Go Green?
  • Why is being green important to us?

    At Showtime Tours, our company clean air initiative is a key component of our wellness core value. Wellness is so dear to our organization that we remained committed to using biodiesel fuel throughout the recent spike in fuel prices. We invested in converting new vehicles to CNG to further lower our fleet’s emissions. We see being green as setting a positive example which boosts team member morale & customer loyalty.

  • How can going green improve our productivity here at Showtime?

    Adopting green practices isn’t only acceptable for the environment — it increases productivity within. Our employees view the extensive office & maintenance shop recycling program as a sign of a waste-free environment that encourages cooperation between workers. It makes our company more attractive to prospective team members that value a long-term commitment to the health & wellness of the Las Vegas NV tourism market.

  • What influenced us to decide to pursue green practices?

    Our leadership team’s commitment to our core values guided our decision to pursue green practices. As the primary link in the chain between the airport & resort corridor, we felt it our duty to reduce our environmental impact.

  • How has being green reshaped our company’s public perception?

    Showtime Tours transports more than 5,000 passengers each day. That’s more than 1.5 million passengers a year through our airport shuttle service along with an additional 1,000+ per month with our charter & motor coach division. When you move this many people, being efficient, clean & durable keeps our customers coming back & creates a positive public perception.

  • We've pledged to support clean energy policies and practices.

    Showtime Tours is part of the Buy Green List – a select group of companies that have taken the following steps:

    • Signed a pledge supporting clean energy policies in Nevada which include increased clean energy generation and improved energy efficiency.
    • Signed up for NV Energy's My Account program to easily track energy usage.
    • Signed-up for NV Energy's paperless billing service.
    • Agreed to implement a number of energy saving practices, such as turning off lights and devices not in use, within their company as well as educating employees how to be more energy smart.

  • We're part of the Clean Energy Project

    The Clean Energy Project, is an organization that believes in educating local businesses on policies and practices that will benefit and grow our economy, while also giving consumers the power to reward those businesses.

Showtime Tours realizes that we are all in this together and we recognize our impact on the environment and we are here to improve and reduce our impact to make our footprint a little bit smaller and offer a reliable, safe, efficient experience to our customers and team members.