About Showtime Tours

Showtime Tours, the premier transportation company of Las Vegas, was started in 1997 as a sightseeing tour company. In 1999, Showtime earned the authority to provide shared-ride airport shuttle service at McCarran Airport, serving all major Strip and Downtown resort properties. A motorcoach fleet replacement in 2005 prompted the addition of charter service both in-town and over-the-road.

Company Affiliations

Showtime Tours is a proud member of the Mark Travel Corporation family of companies. The company is managed by a team of top tour and travel professionals who are dedicated to providing a superior guest experience. Showtime Tours is a member of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, Airport Ground Transportation Association, Livery Operators Association, and the U. S. Travel Association (formerly the Travel Industry Association of America).

We are a team driven by our CORE VALUES:

Be Unique

Embrace and utilize each individual’s unique abilities and talents. Encourage everyone to work in their natural mode of action to get the best business and personal results. Being unique makes us authentic in our relationships, creates chemistry in our unique ability teams, and brings fun to our environment.

Be Well, Work Well, Live Well

Know, own, and act on the four focus areas of purpose, balance, nutrition and movement. Living well means ensuring wellness touches all parts of your life – at work, at home, and at play.

Embrace Change

Take calculated risks and adapt quickly to business needs. Embracing change allows us to be an entrepreneurial company in constant motion as we lead, grow, and improve our business.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Do whatever it takes to get the job done right and done well. Own your results and make the learning greater for the next time. Getting your hands dirty instills integrity, builds trust, and makes us resilient.


Question and challenge at every opportunity. Asking creates confidence and ensures passionate debate, teaching, alignment, collaboration and commitment to ideas, strategies and projects.

Live End-to-End

Our customer should guide your every decision and action. Living the end-to-end vision of our company shows we care completely for our customer’s dreams.